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Google Translate - Learn Danish


Chances are that you definitely used Google Translate on your phone since you arrived in Denmark.
If you already started the Danish modules, I am quite certain that your teacher will have suggested you to be careful with Google Translate, as it is good but not so accurate all the time.

Your teacher is right! I had a good few instances where I said the translated word from Google and Danes looked at me with the face of “what the hell are you trying to tell me”. This has not happened to me a lot, but still, you do feel like a fool when it occurs.

Throughout the modules I attended, pretty much every student I met, always had their phone with Google Translate during the classes.

This will save you a lot of time if you quickly want to get a translation during the class and not lose track, of what the teacher is talking about.
It can also help you during your everyday life. I tend to use it when I am on the go and need an instant translation.

I also have a pocket dictionary in Danish-English, which I definitely think is a must have for every expat learning Danish. It will give you accuracy in what you are trying to translate, but also push you to be more curious as you can read over words from it.

Finally, I use also an online app called “English Danish Dictionary” by Gyldendal. One of my teachers suggested to the class, and I have been using it since Module 1. It is definitely worth investing in (paying app).
It is currently only on the Apple Store (sorry for the Samsung users).

Please note, this post is not focused on giving you a lot of new insights, just to be careful with Google Translate and knowing when to use it.

Happy translating!

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