Over the past couple of months, I have been listening to Danish podcasts and I really wanted to share my feedback about podcasts. I was introduced to listening to Danish podcasts during module 4.

From what I have experienced, it has proven to be a great learning tool in addition to reading, listening to Danish music and watching Danish movies. It is great for the simple fact, that you have to really focus on what is being said.
In my opinion, here are 3 topics that are really crucial to make the most of listening to Danish podcasts:

Podcast Host
I think that it is real challenge to find the right podcast, because some podcasts hosts talk way too fast, mumble a lot, or use vocabulary that is too technical for my level in Danish.

I have been able to keep full focus on podcasts that are no longer than 30min. After that time, I really start to get tired and lose track with what is being said.

This one is kind of obvious, but you want to make sure that you enjoy what you are listening too. No point to torture your ears and brain with listening to podcasts that are just not that appealing to you.

My Danish podcast selection

Because there are so many podcasts online, I thought to share some of the ones that I enjoyed listening too and that are not too hard to listen to. Make sure to follow me on @learndanishblog and/or Facebook, where I will share my new podcasts in the future.

If you know and enjoy other podcasts, please feel free to contact me. I will be very happy to share them on the blog and update this post!

Så længe det kan spises

Type: Food podcast
Duration: Episodes can last up to 30min max. Started in July 2018.
Host: Kris & Chris
Difficulty: Episodes are not so long, easy enough to keep up with.
Story: I like this podcast because they invite each other in a restaurant once a month and talk about food. Always nice to build up your food vocabulary, and can help you with an everyday conversation
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to itMake sure to follow them on Instagram to get their latest updates: @detkanspises

Podcast - Så længe det kan spises

All inclusive

Type: Documentary
Duration: This is a podcast series of 7 episodes, average 25 min per episode. Added in August 2017.
Host: The host is Simon Jul (Danish actor and comedian).
Difficulty: I liked this podcast because it wasn’t too difficult to understand and I could learn many new words and expressions.
Story: The story is quite fun as he goes for the first time on an All-Inclusive holiday in Crete and shares his daily feedback.
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it: http://www.radio24syv.dk/programmer/all-inclusive/

Ha’ Det Godt På Job

Type: Documentary
Duration: This is a podcast series including 5 episodes (average 23 min per episode). Started in March 2017.
Host: Mads Elk
Difficulty: Very clear pronunciation from Mads Elk, great to listen to. I personally really liked this podcast as it covers the workplace in Denmark with its specific vocabulary.
Story: The workplace in Denmark, managing people, competition with other countries.
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it: https://radioplay.dk/podcast/ha-det-godt-paa-job/


Type: Documentary
Duration: Episodes can last from 5min up to 20 min. Started in April 2017.
Host: Danes telling a story about themselves. C:NTACT is an independent theatre and media organisation dedicated to social and cultural integration and education. They are based at the Edison stage in Copenhagen.
Difficulty: Can be challenging for certain episodes. I like this podcast because there are many people talking so you get to hear different pronunciations. Also, it helps you dive a bit more into Danish society.
Story: Everyday stories, some are personal, other more society oriented. They do mini series also as part of the podcast.
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it: http://www.radio24syv.dk/programmer/contact

Podcast resources

I encourage you to check these websites, as they have many great podcasts to choose from. These are the three that I personally use a lot. If you use other resources, please feel free to share them with me and I will add them to the blog!


They have a very large choice of podcasts to choose from. A great website to check out.
You can download their app on your phone as well. Iphone or Android.Web link: http://www.dr.dk/allepodcast

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