Expat Feedback Eugenio


This week, I am featuring Eugenio who is from Spain. He completed his Prøve i Dansk 3 exam in June 2018 in Århus, with Lærdansk. Well done !

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this post, where he shares his personal experience.

Thank you Eugenio 🙂

About you
Hi, I am Eugenio (but everybody calls me Uge). In August it will be three years since I have been living in Denmark 🙂
I am a PhD in Hydrology that works as a Postdoc at the Bioscience Department of Aarhus University. My research focuses on hydrological modelling and simulation of future scenarios to assess their impacts on water quantity and quality.
I come from central Spain, from a small village in a province called Guadalajara.

I live in Aarhus C, I am single and I have a lot of hobbies, including sports (particularly tennis), traveling, cooking, reading, nature, music, theater and of course sharing time with family (when possible) and friends.

Danish classes
Which school did you attend?
Lærdansk Aarhus

How did you find the registering process at the school when you enrolled?
I was told at the University, in the “Introductory Day” they organize for new employees, so it was easy for me.

Did you take breaks?

How did you find the various modules at school?
I like the module structure, it keeps you motivated (although that also depends a lot on the teacher).

Prøve i Dansk 3 exam
How was the Prøve i Dansk 3 examination?
It was fine, kind of what I expect for an official language exam.

Any suggestions in terms of the preparation to PD3?
Yes, definitively attend all the lessons and do all the homework, it really helps with the written part. Also, try to push yourself to speak, wherever, at work, with your flatmate…

Would you recommend any resources to help others?
If you are not good at speaking, which is my problem, try to find someone to do an exchange. I started too late with that.

Did you think the exam was difficult?
I think it was as it should be.

Any comments regarding written exam and oral exam?
Try to calm yourself, especially before the oral exam because you will get half of your mark in just 10 minutes.

Books at school
What do you think about the books?
I think all of them were very useful, specially “At skrive“, which we were using in this last module.

Book "At Skrive" - Learn Danish

Danish practice
Do you think it is easy to apply your Danish (that you learned at school) in the everyday life?
That itself is easy, you just have to push yourself, which is the difficult part (at least in my case).

What do you do outside of school to practice your Danish?
I try to speak Danish with my colleagues in the coffee break and in the lunch break. Also in my tennis club and now I am starting speaking Danish with my flat mate too. Eventually, I have done exchange activities, which I like to do more often now.

Have you watched Danish movies that you think are worth seeing for other students?
Not movies, but I watch “Rita” in Netflix, and I can really recommend it. I watch it in Danish with Danish subtitles and I can manage. And I really like it!!

Do you have any tips to improve in Danish?
First and foremost, I think it is very important to be committed with the classes, do not miss any and do always the homework. Then, it is important to expose yourself to the speaking.