Welcome to Learn Danish – The Blog!
Let me give you a bit more background about the blog.

About me
My name is Béranger and I am a French expat living in Denmark since late 2014.
After moving here, I started Danish evening classes on two attempts, but everytime, my jobs left me no choice to take breaks (too busy!). And here I was, one year later and still not back to school.
This long break meant that my conversational Danish actually got a bit better, however the reading and writing got worse. I also felt a blockage to fully integrate into the Danish society, understand Danish on a daily basis and use it as a leverage to fully enjoy living here.

The project
After careful consideration, I decided to quit my job and take a 12 month break to study Danish full time.
This was not an easy decision (due to financial reasons and the fact to quit a full time job).
During the planning phase, I searched as much information as I could online, and hoped to get feedback from other expats who also would have taken a year off to study Danish.
Unfortunately, I did not find a lot of feedback and advice online for taking an actual break and study Danish full time.
The most feedback I got, was by talking to some friends and colleagues who actually took that time off to study and complete the Danish 3 Examination. Besides that, I found random articles and interviews over the web from various schools and expats, which were useful to read/view, but not enough to give me a thorough feedback of pros and cons.
I wish I had found more resources online to help me figure out how to best approach this move.
This is why I decided to start sharing my feedback and the one of others, on this blog.

About the school
When I moved to Denmark in late 2014, I enrolled at Studieskolen and completed Prøve i Dansk 3 with this school. I heard from many expats who attended it, that it is one of the best school to learn Danish in Copenhagen (For the expats based in Fyn and Jylland, make sure to check out the “Expat Feedback” section).
More details about learning Danish at Studieskolen. For info, I am not paid by Studieskolen whenever they are being mentioned in the blog.
There are many other great schools in Copenhagen and Denmark to learn Danish, so all the content is only based on my personal experience at this school.

About the blog
There are many online resources about grammar, learning Danish, exercises, tips to pronounce and so on, which are great, therefore this blog is not focusing on that. You can find links to some of the resources I used when I started the daily classes in Studieskolen. I encourage you to check these links, as they will definitely help you out to study.
I will post content on this blog as I progress into my journey of learning Danish at school and after school. I launched this blog in July 2017, while studying Danish (module 4.1) and completed Prøve i Dansk 3 in June 2018.

Please note these posts are only based on my personal views.
I sincerely hope this will help you with your own projects and decisions, as well as help you figure out what is best for you.
If you have any feedback that you want to share with me or on this blog, you are more than welcome to get in touch via the online form or by e-mail on contact@learn-danish.com

Tak for besøget!