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Top 5 Danish podcasts – Summer selection

Danish Podcasts - Summer 2018


Last year I wrote a post about listening to Danish podcasts to improve your listening and understanding.

At the time of the article, I aimed at sharing a selection that wasn’t too tough to follow and that matched my level. Since then, I improved a lot more in Danish and wanted to share with you a new selection of podcasts to listen to.

Most of them have been recommended by Danish friends and family that listen to them. I hope you will enjoy them!

If you have any podcasts that you think would be good for other Danish learners to use, feel free to contact me so that I can update the post (and give you credits for sharing it!), or else you can add your suggestions in the comments section at the end of this post.

Listening to Danish podcasts

Hr Müller

Type: Comedy
Duration: Series of 5 podcasts, that last max 5 min.
Host: Chriz & Heino, radio hosts on
Difficulty: This is a podcast series from 2016. I seriously laughed a lot on these, they are very easy to understand.
Story: Basically the two hosts are calling different businesses with the voice of an old man (computer based). Nothing new here in the concept, but just fun to listen to it in Danish.
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it:

Hr Müller - Listen to Danish podcasts

Mads og Monopolet

Type: Debate
Duration: This is an ongoing podcasts, with a new episode every week. They last in average 1h45, which can be long, but you can always listen to it in various parts.
Host: The host is Mads Steffensen (radio host on DR P4). He has a calm voice to listen to.
Difficulty: Can be tricky to listen based on your level. If you are at module 4/5, you shouldn’t struggle too much.
Story: Basically, listeners can send a message or call about a question or a dilemma. The podcast panel will then discuss it. It is fun to listen to and raises your own interrogation about what you would do. Cases can be serious, fun, stupid, non sense etc. For example: “Karina is in doubt if her son should have a playstation“. There is a total of 10 situations per podcast.
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it:

Mads og Monopolet - Danish podcast PR4


Type: Documentary
Duration: This is a podcast series with many episodes, average 10 min per episode.
Host: The hosts are Karen Nielsen (journalist) and Henrik Steen Petersen (bartender). This is a DR podcast.
Difficulty: I found the level not so complicated but can be challenging at times depending on your level.
Story: This podcast is a nice alternative to listen to and you get to learn about cocktails, their history and so on. Listen to it while enjoying your own cocktail at home 🙂
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it:

Cocktail Timen - Danish Podcast

Med kloden i kurven

Type: Society
Duration: This is a podcast series with 6 episodes (as of June 7th, 2018), average 20 min per episode.
Host: The host is Nadia Gattas, who is a Danish singer
Difficulty: The pace is not too fast. You may not understand all, but she speaks clear enough for you to catch expressions and get an overall understanding.
Story: This podcast focuses on the environment & shopping. Sponsored by Rema 1000 and hosted on I think this podcast can give you more topics to talk about with Danes and it is an important matter for us all.
Link: Here is the link if you want to listen to it:

Med Kloden i Kurven - Listen Danish Podcast

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  1. Gada
    2 years ago

    I’m still at the beginning with Danish, but love to listen to Danish radio & podcasts even that I understand very little till now, but just listening to the language and hearing how the tone of voice change in certain words is very helpful and made Danish more familiar to me

    I checked all your recommendations… liked them all, especially “Mads og Monopolet” love that they put the dilemmas in the description of every episode, so it’s easier to understand what’s going on
    & from your previous post, Radio24syv is actually my favorite station
    I’m using the TuneIn app in my android & just added all podcasts you recommended in my favorite list

    Thank you so much Béranger 🙂

    1. Béranger
      2 years ago

      Hey Gada!
      Glad you are also a fan of podcasts. They really help and keep listening to them.
      Your Danish will get better for sure.
      Have a great week-end,


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