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Welcome to my first post of 2018! This time, I will cover something we all love to do, which is watching movies and TV series 🙂

The environment to practice your Danish understanding is perfect as you can be at home, feeling the hygge vibe with your dictionary and hot chocolate. Alternatively, you can also be commuting and watching it on your phone.

In this post, I will share with you some of the resources I use to watch movies and series. I will also recommend some movies which I personally watched at home or at school, but also movies recommended by Danes. Please note some movies may not be amazing, but because they are available in Danish, this helps practice your Danish.

I will not include so many links without subtitles, as it can be very challenging not to have subtitles. However, by Module 5 you should be able to understand a lot more without subtitles, especially if it is Danish TV news and documentaries.

This post is actually aimed at anyone currently learning Danish, so I would suggest the following:

Module 1 : Use English subtitles and watch in Danish.
Module 2 : Use English subtitles and watch in Danish
Module 3 : Use English subtitles and watch in Danish. If you feel like pushing yourself, switch to Danish subtitles
Module 4: Use Danish subtitles and watch in Danish
Module 5: Use Danish subtitles and watch in Danish. If you feel like pushing yourself, remove all subtitles.

You will be amazed how much you can improve your listening and understanding by simply watching movies, series and documentaries in Danish!
Have fun and challenge yourself 🙂

Resources for films, TV series and documentaries


Great website with thousands of films and many series to watch in Danish, but also in other languages. A great alternative to Netflix, that is free of charge. You need to register first at your local library, which will give you a pin code to login.
Based on which library you are assigned to, you may be able to watch a different amount of films on a monthly basis.

I really like this website as the quality is excellent and you can use subtitles in Danish. Please note this may note be so suitable if you have trouble to read Danish, i.e: early modules.

Subtitles available in Danish



DR website

DR has a huge database to choose from if you want to watch in Danish. Have a look at their website and choose what you like. Their content is not available for an unlimited period, so make sure to double check when it will be removed. I use quite a lot, as it is excellent quality, subtitled and easy to find what I am searching for.

Subtitles available in Danish


DR Bonanza

DR Bonanza has many old films, documentaries and series available online. They are not so recent programs, therefore the quality is not always the best. However, it is a great way to practice. There are many programs to choose from, the best is for you to just browse the website and search based on your personal interests.

No subtitles available


Even if this one is kind of super obvious, I still need to mention it in this post. Unlike the previous websites, Netflix has a limited amount of Danish material available, however they have Danish and English subtitles all the time, which is a great help for the early modules, all the way up to module 5.

The downside is that you need to pay a subscription, unless you know someone who is super nice and can borrow their account for you to practice Danish!

Subtitles available in Danish


Films, TV series and documentaries to watch

Here is a list that I would recommend, if you want to improve your Danish level and dive deeper into the culture. Some may not be available in the above platforms, so I will let you decide the best way to find them online or offline 🙂

This is a work in progress list, which I will update continuously.

Want to contribute to this list?
If you watched any films, series or documentaries that you think would be great to add to this list, please feel free to comment at the end of this post, or email me on Thank you for your help!
Title Platform Type CommentsPlatformTypeComments
Adams ÆblerMovieNot available on above platforms
Blinkende lygterMovie
Blå mændNetflixMovieSearch for "Take the trash"
De Grønne SlagtereMovieNot available on above platforms
Efter BryllupetNetflixMovieSearch for "After the wedding"
En enkelt til KorsørNetflixMovie
En kongelig AffæreNetflixMovieSearch for "A Royal affair"
Italiensk for begyndereMovieNot available on above platforms
JagtenNetflixMovieSearch for "The Hunt"
MatadorSeriesNo subtitles
Olsen-banden ser rødtMovieNot available on above platforms
PusherNetflixMovieSeries of 3 films
The RainNetflixSeries
To verdenerNetflixMovie

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  1. Agata
    1 year ago

    I also recommend a serie Bedrag, it’s been on DR for some time. 🙂

    1. Béranger
      1 year ago

      Hi Agata!
      Thank you for your suggestion, which I have just added to the list.
      Have a nice evening.

  2. Gada
    1 year ago

    hej Béranger, love your blog & this post is very helpful and organized
    actually I’m following your method too 🙂
    loved (Rita on Netflix) great show and the language is very clear unlike a lot of movies

    just one note: most of Netflix shows and movies, also the DR site (except bonanza) are not available outside Denmark or may be Nordic unfortunately… but will try to find them somewhere else

    1. Béranger
      1 year ago

      Hey Gada!
      Thank you very much for your message and very happy that you enjoy the blog 🙂
      I think if you use the VPN access from Avast you should be able to connect to a local server in Denmark.
      Have a great Easter week-end,

      1. Gada
        1 year ago

        thank you so much… will try that 🙂
        wish you a wonderful Easter weekend too

  3. Alessandra
    1 year ago

    Jeg vil helt klart også anbefale “Blinkende lygter”. Det er lidt samme slags humor som “Adams æbler” og “De grønne slagtere”, men den er ikonisk, og næsten alle danskere kender den og alle de jokes, der er i den. 🙂

    1. Béranger
      1 year ago

      Hej Alessandra!
      Tak for din besked. Jeg har lige tilføjet “Blinkende Lygter” 🙂
      Hav en god weekend!

  4. Greg McCall
    2 weeks ago

    I would add Ørnen, Rejseholdet, Sommer and Livvagterne.

    1. Béranger
      4 mins ago

      Hi Greg,

      Thank you for your message and recommendations!

  5. Learn danish with movie
    4 days ago

    Useful pages on Instagram and Facebook:

    1. Béranger
      23 mins ago

      Hi there,
      Thank you for your message and sharing your links!


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