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Expat feedback – Sacha from the Netherlands


Last week, my fellow student Iwona, shared her insights about learning Danish! Make sure to check out the many insightful reviews from the Expat Feedback series.

This week, Sacha whom I study with at school, accepted to share her experience of learning Danish!
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this post, where she shares her personal experience of learning Danish.

Thank you Sacha and I hope you get to find a full time job soon (in Danish of course!).

About you

Hey, I’m Sacha, a Dutch girl who has almost been living for a year in Denmark (time really flies). I moved here in October 2016, as I wanted to be with my Danish boyfriend. I graduated in August 2016 from the Research Master Social and Cultural science in the Netherlands.
I started looking for a job in the field of social science/sociology/criminology, when my Danish boyfriend asked me to move in with him and start looking for a job here, in Copenhagen.
And now here I am, still looking for a job in my field, but very happy to be in Copenhagen.


Your school

When moving to another country, it is important to learn the language. So as soon as I had my CPR, I registered for Danish classes at Studieskolen, where I started with module 1 last January. Since then, I have been going strong with learning Danish, as I have not taken any breaks at all!

What is your feedback on the modules that you attended?

A couple of weeks ago, I started module 5.1.

I’ve done all modules except for module 3.1, as I was lucky to skip that one. I think the modules are very well structured and have a good speed level. As I am from the Netherlands it was sometimes a little bit easier for me than for others.
I especially had that feeling with module 2. Therefore, my teacher enrolled me directly into module 3.2 (and so I skipped module 2.2). This was a great opportunity as it made it more challenging, but also made me more motivated. I appreciate how good the teachers are at Studieskolen, and how well they can assess the level of their students.

In module 3, I had the chance to work with a pilot book, which was really really good, but had a huge overlap with my module 4 book. This made module 4 not so exciting for me. Luckily our teacher made us watch Matador, read books, and let us listen to podcasts. That made it a good module anyway.

Day classes vs evening classes?

Since the beginning, I have been following day classes from 09:00-13:00. I’m very glad that I can study in the morning classes. As long as I don’t have a full-time job, I will continue with this. It is intensive and because you are studying Danish almost every day of the week, you basically stand up with it. I think, in this way you learn it faster. I do not have any experience with the evening classes so I am not in a position to compare it to morning classes, but I think the morning classes are the best!

Do you have any tips about how to improve your Danish while studying and being in Denmark

Selvfølgelig! I have some tips to improve your Danish while studying and being in Denmark. In my opinion, what can help you learn a language is to watch series in the language and using Danish subtitles with English series. Furthermore, the key is dare to speak. I must admit, it took me a while to dare to speak Danish.
I would always say: “just speak Danish to me, I will understand, but I will respond in English”.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is better to make them than not speaking Danish at all outside of the classroom. Now I’m speaking Danish at Studieskolen, with Danish friends when I’m working in a bar, with my parents in law, etc. I am even at the point now, that my boyfriend and I speak mostly Danish at home!

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