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Expat feedback – Iwona from Poland


Let’s continue on the Expat Feedback series with one of my fellow student Iwona. I am very pleased to be able to share again a new expat feedback on the blog!

I have been studying Danish with Iwona since Module 3.2 and like many of us, she is a very determined student to become a pro at Danish!

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this post, where she shares her personal experience of learning Danish.

Thank you Iwona!

About you

Hej! My name is Iwona and I am from Poland. I have been living in Denmark for over 1 year now, happily married to a Dane, and sloooowly getting used to Danish weather! Frankly speaking, Scandinavian languages used to sound to me as some of the weirdest languages to learn and impossible to acquire in the whole world. But here I am: trying to do The Impossible .

Your school

I chose Studieskolen, because it was recommended to me by many. And I do not regret it.

What is your feedback on the modules that you attended?

Module 1
I was nervous, and expected the worst. After my first trip by metro I realized how different they pronounce words from what I could see on the screen. Then I had an interview at Studieskolen which is basically to check your English, I guess. It was nice and smooth but the interviewer warned me from the very beginning, that it is more difficult to learn Danish for people from Eastern Europe. This is because Slavic languages are so much different than Scandinavian ones. But don’t worry, there are so many other factors that count and I’m a living proof that “Yes, we can”.

Module 1 was grammar basics and basic vocabulary. I got the best teacher I have ever had. She greeted us every morning with a big smile and tons of new energy! We were introduced to grammar, which was explained in an approachable and simple way, we were taught basic expressions and engaged in small talk.  Everything with the same amount of unbiased attention to each one of us – perfect way of teaching!

Module 2
Grammar was broadened as well as vocabulary. We talked more or less on the same topics but in a more detailed way. We had fun doing lots of additional stuff: recording videos with interviews with Danes, makings presentations about our own countries. All of it was fun, and most importantly made us use Danish to really communicate with each other.

Module 3
I got the impression that module 3 was about expanding your vocabulary, as much as possible. Here we started using a real dictionary, Google translate is not enough. We also listened a lot. That was the point I really started to believe that I CAN understand the Danes! We were talking more and more. If you enjoy learning languages, I think this can be your “Paradise” because you get to know many new words and expressions. Grammar is expanded and more details added.

Module 4
Here it is! You really start speaking Danish now! During the classes and beyond! The classes are really relaxed and it was talking talking talking! If the grammar was introduced, it is usually as a reminder.

Day classes vs evening classes?
I think it is better to fully focus on learning the language. So if you only have such possibility, take daily classes.

Do you have any tips about how to improve your Danish while studying and being in Denmark

I know both from my education and experience that for most people the most difficult part in learning a foreign language, is to start speaking it. It does demand courage and humility. For me it is hard to let myself make mistakes. But that is actually what the process of learning is all about – making mistakes.

So allow yourself to make mistakes, laugh at them and learn from them! On the other hand, make use of opportunities.
For example I would recommend pronunciation classes in Studieskolen (free of charge). It helps me to pronounce Danish sounds correctly and in this way, I am less scared to speak Danish. Studieskolen has also numerous events like movie watching or board games.
Try also to use Danish in everyday situations. Whenever people say something in English, reply in Danish.
Finally, your brain will be tricked to respond in Danish as your first choice.
Hold on, you are on the right path 🙂
Held og lykke!

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