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Another month, another article collaboration with the expat newspaper “The International“.

Every month I share my personal experience about the process of learning Danish in Denmark. This is a really cool free newspaper with a lot of insights from various expats in Denmark. You can find the newspaper at these locations all over the country.

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Here is my article in case you didn’t read it yet 🙂

It is very likely that you’ve heard about DR. In case you are still wondering, DR is Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. It was founded in 1925 as a public service organisation. Nowadays, it is an independent, licence-financed public institution comprising television, radio and online services. Their content is very geared towards expats wanting to engage better with the Danish language.


When I was studying Danish, I used to listen to the radio a lot. There are many stations aside from DR, but I always found DR to be helpful with interesting topics.Currently, I mainly listen to the radio in the car when driving or in the morning to hear the news. I find it fun to start my day with some Danish words and thoughts. Songs played during the radio programmes are also a great way to improve and practice Danish. If you get a chance to study the lyrics at home, you’ll definitely be ready when the songs comes on.

Have a look at the many radio stations featured by DR, here: dr.dk/radio.


Podcasts have proven to be a great learning tool in addition to reading, listening to Danish music and watching Danish movies. It is great for the simple fact that you have to really focus on what is being said. We used to study and follow podcasts when I was learning Danish at school. I’ve since kept up with it and really enjoy getting my weekly dose of podcasts. It is so easy to listen to when you are traveling, at home, or just walking. DR has a very large selection of podcasts to choose from with various themes, based on your preferences. Personally, I find it very easy to navigate their website to find new inspiration.Obviously, your level of understanding will progress as you go along. I am finally able to listen to podcasts that I really enjoy, simply because I am able to understand what the hosts are saying. Back in my school days, this was a real challenge that frustrated me a lot. Use this resource as much as you can, it will absolutely elevate your skills and make you more comfortable in your Danish life.

For more info, visit dr.dk/allepodcast.


DR also has many television channels which you can watch on your various screens, around the clock. When I found it challenging to watch and understand a programme on actual television, I would use their website where I could replay all the programmes, including many series and documentaries. The great part is that many of them are subtitled in Danish. This is so valuable when you are trying to understand what is being said. Using subtitles not only improved my vocabulary and listening, but it improved my daily life. I rapidly noticed a change when trying to understand conversations in the street or at family dinners. If you focus a lot on this, you can expect to watch television without any problem. What seemed like an impossible challenge a few years back, feels a lot more natural now.

For TV programmes you can enjoy with DR, visit dr.dk/tv.

Remember to have fun with all of these resources, they will definitely make your learning a memorable experience.

You can also download the full newspaper here.