Welcome back to the Expat Feedback interviews, which will be the last one for 2017.

This week, Carlos who goes to the same school as me, accepted to share his experience of learning Danish!
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this post, where he shares his personal experience.

Thank you Carlos!

About you

Hi, I am Carlos, both Brazilian and Portuguese.
I moved from Mexico City to Denmark with my wife and two daughters back in May 2016, as she was transferred to the Nordic branch of her company. The first month we lived in Christianshavn and later we moved to the city centre, near Kongens Nytorv. I spent most of my professional life working as an accountant in advertising agencies both in Brazil and in Mexico, with a few years gap when I worked as a private stock trader in the Brazilan Stock Market. But since I arrived in Denmark, I took a break from my professional life, in order to dedicate myself to my daughters. But I intend to go back to my career next year.


Your school

I am attending Danish classes at Studienskolen, which is really close to my home. The registering process was quite easy, just a small test on grammar and it was done. Actually, I am on module 4.2 and apart from the 6 weeks summer break, I never stopped my studies as I want to finish them as soon as I can. As I am a stay-at-home dad, I am taking daily classes, 3 times a week. The modules were not very hard, except for this one. I am not sure if it is the module that is hard or if it is me who is loosing motivation.

Study Books

In this module, we are using the Pæredansk as a book. Lots of texts and conversation exercises in this book, quite different from the previous ones that were more focused on individual exercises and grammar. What I like in this book is that it has a lot of interesting texts about several aspects of the Danish life.

Danish practice

I rarely use what I learned at school to speak, as you know, Danes always turn to English when they notice you can’t speak very well. But the Danish lessons were quite helpful to read the newspapers, like Metro and BT, to watch Danish TV as DRTV have some really good TV shows as “Billet til kærlighed”.

But also series such as Matador (thumbs up for this one) and Denmark’s history. I am also a big fan of a Youtube channel called “WTF er det?” as they talk about curious topics in a Danish level that is not very hard to understand.


I never listen to Danish podcasts, sometimes I listen to Danish radio. I rarely listen to danish music, apart from the very famous Gulddreng.


Do you have any tips about how to improve your Danish while studying and being in Denmark

My tip / suggestion to improve your Danish is: read, read, read, listen, listen, listen and talk, talk, talk. As the Danes have this bad habit to switch to English, I am now pretending that I cannot speak English, only Portuguese and a little Danish. I used it in a Café and it worked quite well!