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My top 5 Danish board games


We have just entered the month of December, which means great food, snow (let’s hope we get lucky this year), family time (yay!) and plenty of hygge.

Over the past months, I have been playing a lot of board games with my Danish friends and family. I love board games because it gives me an opportunity to disconnect from all the technology! But mainly, I get to spend time with people I appreciate and practice my Danish.

I want to share with you a list of the board games that I personally tested and definitely enjoyed! These games are only in Danish, which makes it challenging for us learners, however fun and rewarding as you will get to play in Danish and speak the language. Board games are definitely suitable from the early modules, I would recommend them without a doubt.
If your relatives are asking you for gift ideas, you may (seriously) consider to ask for one of those board games.

Below list is of games entirely based on my own appreciation (and the one of my fellow Danes who play with me regularly). I personally like to shop at Arnold Busck, which has a great selection of games (and also books).

Have fun and play in Danish 🙂


Game rules

Based from the actual “The Landlord’s Game” created in 1903 and same rules as the Monopoly. Your aim is to buy as much properties as possible and collecting plenty of money from the other players!
From 2-6 players, takes approx 60 minutes for a full round.

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Why I like this game

Really fun as all the places you can buy are based in the Copenhagen region. For example, you can get lucky and buy Frederiksberg Allé or even Rådhus Pladsen!


Game rules

Partners is a super fun board game for four people (two on each team). You really need to be four to play it, so not very practical if you are only two! Equivalents would be “Dog” (from Germany) or “Sorry!” (from England).
The aim of the game is to move your men as fast as possible. They are moved in a clockwise direction along the course according to the value of the cards. The winning team is the one who has first placed all its 8 men in the target area.
A full round can last up to one hour.

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Why I like this game

The game is strategical and really fun to play as you are in a team.

Right or Wrong

Game rules

Really great game to practice your Danish reading and listening. “Right or Wrong” includes cards with one question and one correct answer among three choices.
From 2 to 4 players, a full round can take up to 40 min.

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Why I like this game

It is simple to play, all is in Danish and the questions are very general. It is not just about Denmark, but can include any topics on an international level. The price is also a lot more friendly than the other games.


Rundt om Danmark

Game rules

This is a quiz game in Danish (latest edition from 2016). There are 6 different categories to answer: history, culture, nature & science, geography, sports & Leisure, random. Each question has 4 answers.
Here are some examples of the questions:
Where is the city of Vissenbjerg?
Which jackets has Queen Margrethe 2 designed?
What year did the Constitution abolish the censorship in Denmark?
From 2 to 6 players, a round can take up to 45 min.

Why I like this game 

Requires more knowledge about Denmark and you get to learn a lot from all the questions. It can be challenging, nonetheless you will have fun!


Game rules

Bezzerwizzer is a quiz game that is one of the most popular board games in Denmark. It will definitely test your trivia knowledge. This is the Danish equivalent of Trivial Pursuit. There are 5000 questions in the box divided into 20 different topics.
There are various Bezzerwizzer themed games to choose from: Original, Danish History, Danish music hits, Danish language, Discoveries, Films, Cooking, Sport, Cities, TV series

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Why I like this game

Challenging and fun. You will definitely need some knowledge and expect to learn many new Danish words.

Do you have any favourite games you would recommend?
If you play with Danish board games, does it help you improve your level of Danish and/or knowledge about Danish society?

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