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Expat feedback – Emilie from France


Two weeks ago, I launched the “Expat Feedback” series, which started with one of my fellow expat students, Maria from Greece. Last weekend, I got the pleasure to talk to Emilie, whom I go to school with. She kindly accepted to share her valuable feedback on the blog.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this post, where she shares her personal experience of learning Danish.

Thank you Emilie!

About you
My name is Emilie. I am French and 34 years old.
I have been involved in the Environmental Protection Management in France during several years and now looking forward to fulfilling a role in a similar position in Denmark.
I arrived in Denmark in September 2016, in search of a new professional and personal challenge. I enrolled into learning Danish, and have been taking intensive Danish courses at Studieskolen since November 2016. I am currently in the Module 4.1.


Your school
My wish was to attend Studieskolen when I arrived in Copenhagen. And this is where I am currently studying Danish.

Day classes vs evening classes?
I only have been attending day classes, since module 1.1.
I don’t regret this choice, because I think it was the best way to learn quickly the Danish language. As I didn’t have any job, it was a good way to organize my week around it. And I still have time for my job search or I could have enough time for a part-time job.

Do you have any tips about how to improve your Danish while studying and being in Denmark
I have some tips that work for me!

– To stay motivated –  it is important to set some targets for yourself. For me it is essential to master the Danish language for my everyday life but also to widen the jobs opportunities. This is why I made the choice to go to the end of Module 5!

To be consistent – Try to keep in touch with this language every day! Even if you are on holidays in your native country! For example: try to read Danish newspapers on the internet, try to learn new words, to write an email to a friend in Danish, etc.

Remember to enjoy – You have to be committed to attend every class. Outside the class, it is fun as well to watch a film in Danish, to follow Danes Instagram accounts or to have a coffee with a Dane!

For other tips, I think that this blog is a good place to get inspiration!

Follow Emilie on Instagram

Emilie has an Instagram where she shares her insights about the Green lifestyle in Scandinavia.

You can also find her on her personal Instagram account:


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