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Expat feedback – Cătălina from Romania


This week I am featuring Cătălina, who is studying Danish in Århus!

This is the first interview from an expat studying in Jylland , which is a great addition to the “Expat Feedback” series.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this post, where she shares her personal experience of learning Danish.

Thank you Catalina and best of luck with the module 4 test, which is coming soon!

About you

My name is Cătălina, I am Romanian and I have been living in Denmark for 3 years. I have a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Semiotics and I am currently getting familiar with the Danish labour market.


Your school

I am attending classes at Lærdansk Aarhus, three times per week, 2 hours and 45 minutes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 12 until 14.45.
I took a break this year, from April until August, because I had to write my thesis.


Your experience about the modules

I am now in the Module 4 and expect to have the test to go to Module 5 soon. I believe each module is harder than the previous. The module 4 is very difficult, the demand is very high and there are so many new words. I do like the fact that even if each module is harder, as it is supposed to be, in each module we repeat what we have learned in the previous one. This way, the knowledge we gain actually stays.

Your experience and feedback on the modules

Overall, my experience learning Danish is a good one, mostly because I have very nice teachers and nice colleagues. The language itself is very difficult, mostly for a person who speaks a Latin language. However I think that if you dedicate a big part of your time to learning it, in the end you will be successful.
I must admit that I haven’t put that much effort into learning the language, because I was very busy with the university classes, but since August, I have been focusing a lot more on Danish classes. Right now, I believe that I am good at reading and writing, I do also understand Danish when spoken, but I am not so comfortable at repeating the words. I have a hard time when I am speaking with Danes, because it is very difficult for me to follow them, mostly because of the accent.

Do you have any tips on how to improve your Danish while studying and being in Denmark?

I would say that a very good way to learn Danish is by reading books and watching cartoons.

In my school there is a café which is called “Tal Dansk Café“, where you can go and practice your Danish with native Danish speakers which are volunteering there while having a coffee. This initiative is for free! I believe this is the best way to actually learn the language, by speaking it, no matter how many mistakes you make while trying.

I try to speak Danish all the time, when I am going to the supermarket or to different shops or restaurants, but unfortunately when I don’t understand anymore, I am switching to English.

Connect on Instagram with Cătălina and also with Tal Dansk Café

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