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I wanted to share some of the links that I and other students from my school use, to improve with the Danish grammar.
These links are also shared internally by Studieskolen (the school I go to), so I trust they are useful!
There are many other online resources that you can find and which are definitely great.
I decided not to share a list with too many links, but rather focus with the ones I personally use.

If you know any resources that you believe should be shared here, I invite you to contact me. I will gladly feature them on the blog.

Great resources to learn Danish online


  • I personally like this website as it is explained in English and covers a lot of examples
  • Verbeliste ( Many verbs listed here, you can also listen to them. A great resource to have and use


  • Same as above, I recommend this website
  • Den danske ordbog: you can search for a word and click the “loud speaker” icon, this will say it.
  • Duolingo: Great tool to have if you want to practice Danish.

Prøve i Dansk 3 practice

  • Check out Ewa’s website where she shares great content to practice for your modules!


  • It will be in Danish, so you always have the option to translate later
  • Den Danske Ordbog (DDO): There is a free app for the Danish dictionary. I personally use it as it is all explained in Danish and available both for iOS and Android.

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