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Hope the new year has started well for everyone out there who is learning Danish! Throughout my time at school learning Danish, I gathered a list of books that were recommended by fellow students, teachers but also Danish friends and colleagues.

I want to share this list with you, as it definitely helped me to learn and improve. I didn’t get to read all of these books, but I am sure this will be helpful. This is my own list of “best” books (as well as the one suggested by my network). If you just started to learn Danish, I think these books will definitely be a struggle. Focus on kids books, or alternatively books that you can borrow at school. I would recommend to start reading those from Module 3/4 and up, because you will/should have enough vocabulary and won’t have to take a dictionary to translate every single word.

This is a work in progress list, if you have read other books and think they would be valuable for other Danish learners to read, please feel free to comment below and I will add them to the list 🙂 Alternatively you can send me an e-mail from the contact form.

Happy reading!

Book AuthorTitleLink if you want to get it
Helle HelleRødby-PuttgardenClick here
Helle HelleForestillingen om et ukompliceret liv med en mandClick here
Helle HelleDette burde skrives i nutidClick here
Helle HelleHvis det erClick here
Anders BodelsenTænk på et talClick here
Camilla LäckbergIsprinsessenClick here
Katrine Marie GuldagerGeorg kommer galt afstedClick here
Katrine Marie GuldagerMomseClick here
Katrine Marie GuldagerDen nye drengClick here
Katrine Marie GuldagerBjørnenClick here
Katrine Marie GuldagerGeorg bliver flovClick here
Katrine Marie GuldagerFrøken Ignora tager til ParisClick here
Jan SonnergaardRadiatorClick here
Jan SonnergaardSidste søndag i oktoberClick here
Ida JessenTelefonClick here
Dennis JürgensenGrønne øjneClick here
Ole HøirisTænke Pauser - MennesketClick here
Gert Tinggaard SvendsenTænke Pauser - TillidClick here
Anne Marie PahuusTænke Pauser - KærlighedClick here
Ditte TrolleTænke Pauser - SexClick here
Christian BjørnskovTænke Pauser - LykkeClick here
Ulrik UggerhøjTænke Pauser - TidClick here
Dorthe Kirkegaard ThomsenTænke Pauser - LivshistorienClick here
Janne TellerIntetClick here

Tine HøegNye rejsendeClick here
Dan TuréllMord i mørketClick here
Dan TuréllMord i RodbyClick here
Dan TuréllMord i MartsClick here

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