Hej Danish learners,

It has been a while since I wanted to publish an article dedicated to external resources where you can learn Danish. The blog has been focused for a long time on students based in Denmark that were learning Prøve i Dansk 3, and I published a lot of articles in relation to that.

I realized that many of you are not living in Denmark and still want to learn Danish on your own, with the help of online teachers, apps etc.

Before I moved to Denmark (back in 2014), I was so motivated to learn Danish, but the online resources were not as varied as what you will find today. The good thing is that you have a lot to choose from, but at the same time, it is a challenge to choose quality websites.

Learn Danish online

The point here : which website can you seriously focus on to become greater at speaking Danish?

You have come to the right place as I spent quite some time digging information to see what is best out there. I used personally a LOT of free resources in the past (amongst other Duolingo, which is quite frankly really fun to use, but not sufficient). To be honest, even though I improved a bit, this never compared to what you will get if paying a tutor or following classes with a course that is designed for you to feel challenged, supported and succeed in Danish (spoiler alert: do not expect to speak/read/understand Danish overnight, this will take a lot of efforts and dedication).

Don’t take my word for it and try it for yourself. I personally tried the resources below and this is why I trust they are quality websites to learn Danish online. For obvious reason, these suggestions are only based on my appreciation of what I would expect to seriously improve in Danish online.

I sincerely hope these will help you get better at Danish. Happy learning!


Living in Denmark, I wanted to be able to fully integrate into the Danish society, be able to read, understand and of course speak Danish. One of the main reasons I was able to progress quickly was because I could hear Danish and talk Danish. If you do not live in Denmark you may not have this opportunity. Even if you live in Denmark, you may also struggle to have Danish friends you can converse with. This brings me to italki.

Online classes to learn Danish

italki is not just any other app to learn a language. I really enjoy it because it is a tutor based approach, you get private lessons to get better in Danish. I strongly encourage to challenge yourself and give a try for online Danish classes. Learning a language is an investment, yes there are dozens of free and paying apps to learn online. Yes you should try them, but just think of the time you are investing and the progress you are seriously making. If it took me years to really learn Danish, not sure my motivation would have kept up. However being able to focus energy with the help of tutors really is the key.

italki has very good Danish tutors online, you can choose a session based on your availability and theirs, even do a trial session. Just remember that you will not speak Danish after 1 or even 5 classes, but you will not be alone in this process, someone qualified and motivated will make sure you improve in speaking Danish.

Here is italki’s website – Time to speak Danish and step up your game while having FUN!


If you searched online, you will have come across tons of websites to learn languages, Instagram accounts sharing daily words to learn Danish, Facebook groups where Danish learners shares their tips and plenty more. I am so grateful that these resources exists, but let’s not forget that like any other language you will want to learn, discipline needs to be in the process.

Learning with the help of a tutor is much needed, but complementing it with the help of a dedicated website if also very helpful.

This is where Mondly comes helpful here. I am not going to list you all the great stuff this website/app has accomplished and what they have (truly is a quality website), but keep in mind that 70 million users worldwide are using it, so they are clearly doing something right! And no matter where you are in your learning, they got us covered. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Online resources to learn Danish

Super cool resources as you can practice Danish learning exercises for reading, listening, writing and speaking. If you are a polyglot, or aspiring to speak many languages, then they even give you access to learn over 40 languages. I speak French, English, Spanish and Danish (being the most recent language I learnt).

I recently started to challenge myself and learn Italian since being French native does give a smoother start to learn it. In order to learn this new language as efficiently as possible and optimize my time, I am applying the same methodology as when I learnt Danish online and offline. Mondly makes life easier for me with learning a new language.

Here is Mondly’s page to get started – Time to learn Danish my friends!


The last website that has clearly evolved over the past years since my early days learning Danish, is Babbel. They have 10 million students learning a lot of languages worldwide, you can learn so many languages and thankfully Danish is one of them. For having tried both Duolingo and Babbel, I personally improved more with Babbel (this is my personal experience between both websites). Babbel is a great website to start (beginner to intermediate level), it will definitely give you a good basis.

The way I learnt Danish is to apply the work smarter approach and make it study smarter rather than harder and longer. Hope you get the point here.

Learning Danish online

I did use Babbel some years back, but clearly the content was as good as now. The conversations and vocabulary is relevant and follow your goals that you set for yourself and starting the Danish course online.

Grammar is one of my weaknesses and it was nice to have the right structure to give some clarity around some cases. I was very fortunate to be able to go to school in Denmark to learn Danish, so these online tools really added some value to the challenges I had around learning Danish as a beginner.

Vocabulary is the one part that will be growing forever. I learn new words every single day on some varied resources (Danish TV, Danish radio, Danish songs, Danish books, Danes and online resources to practice my language skills).

Babbel is a useful online Danish resources that helped me build that up when I started as a beginner and intermediate.

Here is Babbel’s website to get started in Danish

Learning Danish is FUN

Danish is a language that means a lot to me. I invested a LOT of time and energy in learning this language online and offline, I can truly say that all the efforts put in have now paid off .

Even though you will find more people living in New York City than Danish speakers worldwide (5.6 million people speak Danish worldwide), speaking it will make you discover a brand new world that is so amazing.

Happy learning, and pay us a visit in Denmark if you ever get a chance to! If you are here, then push yourself, get out there and dive into the Danish society, which I am so proud to call home 🙂