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Best schools to learn Danish in Denmark


Since there are a lot of schools all over Denmark to learn Danish, I wanted to include a post about this topic, which is perfect if you just arrived in Denmark.

New to Denmark and looking for a school to learn Danish?

In regards to the process of costs and registration, I will recommend the following, which gathers all the information you need to start Danish lessons in Denmark.

Which school to choose?

Make sure to find a school that suits your needs (especially location and reviews of the school), as the process to change a school in the middle of a module can be a bit complicated. Before joining, your best option is to ask the school what are the conditions if you ever want to change school during your tuition.

The easiest way to locate the nearest Danish Language school to you is to have a look at the Dansk Sprogcentre website. They have an interactive map that features most of the Danish Language schools in Denmark.

My recommendation

I am studying at Studieskolen in Copenhagen, which I recommend of course.
There are many other good schools to join. I am not in a position to recommend one school over another since I did not attend all of them personally.
However, if you are currently learning (or finished) Danish in one of these schools, please do not hesitate to share your feedback and I will happily publish it on the “Expats feedback” section.

Start learning Danish as soon as possible and it will pay off with your everyday life!

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